Thursday, January 26, 2006

 It should all be easier than this. Boy meets girl, get happy, get baby. Unless…. boy had vasectomy, got a divorce, got remarried, got a vasectomy reversal, and got sperm antibodies. No baby for me. Two stepsons, four cats, and a dog. Now I’m in the process of doing IVF. Having spent far too much time reading other informative blogs of other women who poke themselves daily with needles, I decided to waste more valuable internet space with my very own blog. If anything, it will help me keep track of my blood counts, days, and most importantly, keep me from getting ranting at my dear husband and stepsons (who have been told that I’m “grumpy” for a little while).

 Grumpy. Oh holy crap! I have PMS on steroids right now! I’m on three injectables – Lupron, Bravelle, and Menopur. I am so f&*^ing moody. The boys only know that I inject myself with needles – had to tell them in case they came across my sharps because I can just see them telling their mother that stepmom has needles all over the house. That wouldn’t go over well. 

 Back to basics here – on January 3rd I began Lupron – it’s injected with a nice, tiny needle like diabetics use. Not too bad! On January 21st I started my stim meds – Bravelle and Menopur in addition to the Lupron (which was cut in half). They sting going in. The problem seems to be scheduling them. 8 AM and 8 PM, so I’ve done them in bathrooms of churches and at conference room restrooms. It’s a little unnerving when someone walks in and you have a needle up your abdomen.

I was a little dissapointed with my visit to my RE on January 25th. I have this idea that my folicles are going to be getting big, that I’ll be able to do the retrevial in the next few days. That’s not going to happen. They’re small. Really, really small. My next appointment is for Monday, and they haven’t increased my meds. Patience is not my virtue of choice. All I can do is grow more bloated, crabbier, and grumpier until then.