Friday, January 27, 2006 

Before dealing with IVF, I had never posted on a web board, never blogged, nor read many blogs. There are tons of people who are going through what I am. I just happen not to know any of them. The internet changes all of that. Before I started this blog, I obsessively googled blogs about IVF, about IVF meds, and everything else I could think of. I just wanted to feel less alone. Some were depressing, some uplifting, some dull. But all made me understand in a new way that I am not alone in this.

On another note, my 6 year old stepson won’t stop lying! First it was about picking his nose, then about whether he had stuck his hands down his pants or sucked his thumb. Today it was whether he had eaten all his cereal. What would have happened if he had said, “No, I didn’t and I’m sorry”? He would have had to clean up the chex he dumped in the dishwasher. But no, that was too complicated. He lied and I caught him in it. He cleaned the dishwasher and then when his father came home for lunch, he got a spanking for lying. This child doesn’t seem to have his brain on straight. He’s the one who put the cat in the fridge, “She climbed in, daddy!” who can’t quite grasp the concept of not touching himself in public.  I love this kid, but sometimes he makes me want to have my tubes tied.