Most of IVF is spent waiting. Waiting for blood tests results, for retrival, poas test results, for phone calls to be returned.

I love my IVF clinic. They’re supportive, quick, I never have to wait, and they’re just plain darn nice. (This is all good because they’re the only place near us, and the only one our insurance will cover.) But they have this thing about answering the phone. They don’t do it. Oh, they have voice mail where they’ll call you back, but will they actually pick up the phone? Nope.

I had my u/s and another blood test today. My folicles are small. My left side is much smaller than my right, and my right isn’t that big. My body is being slow, and I want something done about it. NOW!!! I need to refill that very expensive medication and I’m trying to cook dinner and damn it just call me back!!

I already know that my retrival is going to be pushed back days. Most people would be ready for retrival now, but not me. And of course, I’m counting in my head, “well, if I do have a baby it’s going to be in Thanksgiving!” And do I want it then? NO I want it now. I never said patience was a gift of mine. God, help me! And help those nurses return my call. NOW! please. thanx.