I had my u/s today, and received hesitant but good news. My follicles are growing, although slowly. One is 12, and then an 11, a 10, a 9, and a couple of 8’s. That’s on the right side (I think). The doc couldn’t get a good picture of my left ovary (although the magic want nearly reached my tonsils).

 My E2 was low but ok (I had the pessimistic nurse today. Even the doctor was more pleased than she was – bah humbug to you, too). It’s well above 300. I go in Saturday for another u/s and blood draw. It’s crazy –  I was so worried about the stim injections, when it’s the blood draws that are horrible.

 Of course, I keep reading all these blogs where IVF doesn’t work. But I’ve got to keep hoping and praying. I want a child more than anything else in my life right now, and I trust that somehow, God will provide. It may not be from my womb or genetically linked, but somehow God will make things work for the best.