When I began to do my IVF stimulation med shots, I was told to do them 12 hours apart. And damn it, that’s what I do. I’ll take them to conventions and do them in public bathrooms. I’ll take them with me to dinner and do them in nasty little stalls. I’ll even take them to church Bible Study and do them there, just so that they’re 12 hours apart. Until last night.

I was going to title this “dumb nurses” but then I realized that a lot of my friends are nurses and they’re not dumb. I’m not doing this blog to offend. It was just one dumb nurse. And she may have not been dumb at all, just …… ok she was dumb.

I use a specific size needle for my subcutaneous shots. I’m familiar with it, having done it countless times. I was out of needles and since I wouldn’t have time to go the pharmacy that day, the nurse (who was nice then) gave me some Repronex samples. I asked for needles and she gave me three. They came with huge “mixing needles” and she provided smaller injection needles. I didn’t look at the size. She’s an IVF nurse, right? She knows these things.

Last night, at 7:45 PM, I unwrap the needles. They’re the WRONG SIZE! They’re way shorter than my usual needles. My husband suggests using the old, used needles. They’d be way too dull. I look at the clock, and panic. I’m always on time for those blasted shots except for tonight and I don’t even have my BLASTED NEEDLE!

It worked out, since a nearby pharmacy had needles and were open until 9. But I find myself wondering what that nurse was thinking.