I received good news from the doc today – my egg retrival will be on Tuesday at 12:20 PM. No more blood draws, and only three more shots (until I start my progesterone in oil – ugh). But because it’s so late in the day, I also get no food or drink from midnight of Monday until after the retrieval. And being this late in the day makes me wonder if all the docs will be thinking about is lunch and rushing. But if I had it in the morning, I’d be worried that they’re sleepy. I just need to trust them in their professionalism, which is a little harder when they’re dealing with my most private of private areas.

Speaking of which…. my husband went with me to this appointment (normally he has to stay and take care of the kids). I wonder what it’s like for him to see this guy he doesn’t  know probing the depths of my vagina with a wand. Is it uncomfortable? Weird? Arousing? Amusing? All I know is that I have around 6 follicles that will be ripe by Tuesday. I’m happy with that. Now, Tuesday when they’re poking holes in the walls of my precious vagina with a needle I won’t be happy. But now I am, on this gloomy Saturday.