For all of the horror stories about embryo transfers I’ve heard, I thought mine would be horrible. Lots of doctors put people under general anesthesia or at least knock them out a little. Mine didn’t, and that concerned me. My experience was great (if poking holes in the walls of my vagina could be called great). They had me take a Xanax two hours before the procedure, so I was pretty calm. Both Jim and I had to go to the reproductive diagnostic center next door to show our photo ID. I hope this prevents any mix up between eggs and sperm and makes sure the right things get put together. Then Jim did his donation and I went next door to my RE and waited. Jim and I went back into the nurses office where she gave me some paperwork, but told me I wouldn’t remember it (I do – clearly). I received a shot of a narcotic to make me relax even more. It made me sort of dizzy and was also to help with the pain. Once I was all drugged up, we went into the procedure room.

The doctor gave me a couple of shots to numb the vagina walls. He said they might hurt but they didn’t. The he took this funky needle ultrasound thing and started to suck out the follicles. There was one point where it hurt sort of bad, but again it was not horrible. Like menstrual cramps. My left ovary didn’t provide anything at all, but my right eventually yielded six eggs. Much less than I would have hoped for, but enough. The doc said they liked to see five or more. I’m barely more. I won’t know until tomorrow if they fertilize. We’re doing ICSI because of Jim’s sperm (they all have antibodies attached to them). I’m nervous about that, because the eggs could be immature, or they could just not fertilize.

Tonight was also my first progesterone in oil shot (pio, for short). It was not bad (today is the day of “not bads”). The only thing was that Jim had to do it. Here is how it went: I was bare butted next to the bed. The needle was prepared and ready. The skin was iced. He had the needle in his hand. We were ready. Me: “OK, I’m ready”. Jim: “OK, here we go”. Nothing. Me: “Uh, Jim, you can go now”. Jim: “Sure, yeah, here I go”. Nothing. Me: “You can do this Jim. Please. Please!!!!” Jim: “OK, here I go”. Nothing. Me: “Just poke the needle in – the suspence is killing me”. Jim: “OK” and he did. It didn’t hurt, except when he pulled the needle out.

Yesterday Jim  had to have his elbow drained of fluid. He had three needles poked into his elbow. That’s justice. Now if he could just repeat that 100 times.

 Tomorrow I’m going to count how many time’s I’ve shot myself. I’m morbidly curious.