I’m not even half way through my 2ww and I’m bored to tears. I’m a stay at home stepmom, but I’m not supposed to do housework. I’m not to lift anything heavy or exert myself. Then what the hell am I supposed to do? Agh! I’m bored. And our dishwasher has a funny, burning smell. Just what we need. A burning dishwasher. I need to find some ways to kill the time. I don’t watch a lot of TV, especially when the kids are around. I can’t clean. I can’t do laundry. Hell, I was going to be looking forward to this “lazy time” and instead I’m going crazy. I’ll call DH and bug him at work. Then I’ll call my mother, three hours earlier in time zones than us, and  bug her. Then I’ll sit and google anything else I can about IVF and babies to make me depressed hopeful.