Bunny is the name I have christened my dear husband’s ex wife. It’s fitting because her house stinks to high heavens like rabbits. The resemblance stops there. Bunny is neither cute nor cuddly. She is a pain in the ass. 

Hubby’s eldest child is mildly sick with a cold. Now, this child has the immune system of the gods. He never, ever gets sick. But now his nose is a little runny. He has a cough. No fever, no strong desire to sleep, no decrease in energy. A cold. Bunny told him tonight he wasn’t allowed to run for two weeks, or else he would get pneumonia and have to have tubes down his throat. What the (*&^! The boy likes to gallop around for a few minutes in the evening to take off some energy. It was 50 degrees today and so I let him ‘gallop’ before Bunny came to pick him up for her two hours with him (dh is custodial parent, and Bunny gets the kids one evening a week and part of the weekend). The poor kid is scared to death that he’s going to have tubes down his throat and catch pneumonia.  

Why did she do that? I am way more pissed off than I should be. But I love these kids. I take care of them, and hell would freeze over before I’d let Eldest get pneumonia. Bunny doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and she’s needlessly scaring my stepson. Oh, but she’ll let the six year old watch rated R movies that give him nightmares for months. But that’s another post. 

One of the best things about having a child of my own with dh is that there will be no Bunny involved. We can take them to those places on Saturday. There will be no R movies until they’re quite a bit older. It’s so hard to be a stepparent, to have to share parenting. I know I’m not his mother. I don’t call myself that. But I’m an adult who cares, who loves him, and would never harm him. Dh and I have a very stable home. We have rules but they’re not excessive. We have structure. We have love. The kids have learned manners, respect, how to clean, and how to ride bikes with us. Bunny is the fun mom. She doesn’t have to discipline because we do. I know the boys need us to be their foundation because Bunny doesn’t give them one. No, she tells them they’re getting pneumonia if they run. Idiot. That’s all I can say. He probably got sick from smelling all that rabbit urine anyway.