14 dop – beta level was 160

16 dop (today) beta level is 376.

 My level more than doubled! This is good. This means my pregnancy has still decided to stick around. Monday I have one more beta. We want the level to be above 1000. Then no more blood tests! My poor veins are worn out from all the bloodletting. They want some peace.

I can’t believe I’m pregnant. I can’t believe that there is a life growing in me. I wish this first trimester would hurry up and move the pace up. I don’t work outside the home, and the days can drag. I thought the two week wait was bad. Knowing that I’m pregnant and wondering if it is still alive is horrible. I’m going to rent one of those fetal heart monitors. My poor dh is sick of me worrying about my baby: “I think it’s gone, dh. I don’t feel sick. I feel sick”. Arg. How he puts up with me I can’t comprehend. But I love him for it.