I had a last minute ultrasound yesterday, and much to my surprise, I’m carrying two little babes around. That makes my constant nausea more logical. Two little babies, two little heartbeats.

 Two cribs…. twice the diapers….. a minivan…… two car seats…. twice the clothing…… hmmm. Hubby and I were going to fly out to Washington in June, but that’s been cancelled – both due to my fear of flying while carrying twins and the fact that we need to save our pennies to get a minivan.

 I’m excited that our family will be complete after this. We told the boys at dinner last night. They were estatic, and went so far as to tell the bus boy that I’m carrying “babies”. Eldest asked how they would all fit on one school bus seat (he and younger ride together). I’m waiting for them to tell Bunny, their mom and hubby’s ex.

I’ve also determined that I need to quit my position as president of our homeowner’s association eventually. With one baby, I’d be fine. But I can’t put the energy and time into it with two. Right now, I’m wondering how long I’ll be able to volunteer for my stepsons’ classes twice a week while wondering if I’m going to start puking.

A friend gave me my first real maternity clothes today – they’re too large for her, but she figures I’ll fit with the twins. Oh, and names. We have to come up with extra names! My to do list is long, but luckily I have 8 more months to get it all complete.